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Group Photo: Periodontal Staff - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Get to know our friendly and knowledgable periodontal staff!  

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Photo: Tobi: Periodontal Practice Administrator - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Tobi – Practice Administrator

Photo: Tracy: Periodontal OfficeManager - Warminster PA

Tracy – Office Manager (Warminster Office)

Photo: Rita and Diane: Periodontal Insurance and Business Office - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Rita & Diane – Insurance and Business Office

Photo: Lisa, Cathy, Chelsea & Ingrid: Periodontal Front Desk - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Lisa, Cathy, Chelsea & Ingrid –  Front Desk

Photo: Bonnie and Beth: Periodontal Assistants - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Bonnie and Beth – Assistants

Photo: Kelly, Natalie & Peggy: Periodontal Hygienists - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Kelly, Natalie & Peggy –  Hygienists