Meet the Staff

Our Periodontal Team

Group Photo: Periodontal Staff - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Get to know our friendly and knowledgable periodontal staff! Call us with your questions, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Friedman or Dr. Ocampo in one of our two convenient locations: Northeast Philadelphia Periodontal Office Phone Number 215-676-0717 Philadelphia • Warminster Periodontal Office Phone Number 215-672-5515 Warminster

Photo: Tobi: Periodontal Practice Administrator - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Tobi – Practice Administrator

Photo: Tracy: Periodontal OfficeManager - Warminster PA

Tracy – Office Manager (Warminster Office)

Photo: Rita and Diane: Periodontal Insurance and Business Office - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Rita & Diane – Insurance and Business Office

Photo: Lisa, Cathy, Chelsea & Ingrid: Periodontal Front Desk - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Lisa, Cathy, Chelsea & Ingrid –  Front Desk

Photo: Bonnie and Beth: Periodontal Assistants - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Bonnie and Beth – Assistants

Photo: Kelly, Natalie & Peggy: Periodontal Hygienists - Philadelphia & Warminster PA

Kelly, Natalie & Peggy –  Hygienists